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Welcome to my online portfolio!
Here you will find some of the work I have been developing over the years, that I have permission to publish.
Check out my Demo Reel that included a summary of my work, also find available my resume and contact list.
Feel free to browse and contact me with any questions or proposals.
Thanks for stopping by ;)
My Tools last update: Jul 12, 2011
This is my own assets project that I fully designed and created. It's in use at O2 Filmes as part of their pipeline project. Here you can see how it works under Maya, controling how the user opens, saves and releases scenes with a combined version system feature. It minimizes user errors by taking control, renaming scenes and saving in the right location.
It uses a MySQL database, PHP for browser connectivity and Python for Maya.
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syncClient is a tool written in Python, multiplatform and part of my pipeline system project. Through it, all clients machines receive updates of plugins, software, scripts and everything else related to the pipe, generated by the syncManager, thus keeping all machines exactly alike and avoiding problems, especially at the render time. And, if you loose everything on your master server, you have copies of it at all clients.
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syncClient is a tool written in Python, multi-platform and part of my pipeline system project. Through it, all clients machines receive updates of plugins, software, scripts and everything else related to the pipe, generated by the syncManager, thus keeping all machines exactly alike and avoiding problems, especially at render time. Note, if you lose everything on your master server, you have copies of it on all clients.
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This is a tool that automates the creation of a technique that I've developed to emit particles over a surface in a way that it doesn't look like blobby and gives a liquid effect. We needed this tool to make a character hair looks like liquid chocolate. Click in more info to see the results.
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Here is a tool to create simple clouds. It uses sprite particles and a nice interface to create each cloud. It has a ramp effect so you can give some color to the cloud or create some shadow effects. Take a minute to watch the movie to see how it works!
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With this tool, you can save poses of any keyable attribute of an object in a Maya scene. After saving all your poses, and saving a base pose, you can apply each of this poses to the object using a slider. All poses can be combined or you can use one at a time. The sliders can apply the inverse of the saved pose, when you apply a -1 value for the slider. You can extrapolate the pose, if that is what you want, applying a value greater than 1. I also created a way to drive just the left or right side of the object, so you can save a pose with to eyes blinking but apply only for the left side!
It has some other cool controls and a very usefully interface.
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Here is a tool that can be used to create an effect of something growing. It uses a particle system and a couple of ramps to drive the effect. There are some attributes to control things like size and rotation and also ramps that control the animation of this size and position so the animator have full control to make a good effect.
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This is a tool to automate all processes needed to make something fly. It creates a emitter plane with all settings and expressions to make a flying effect. So, the user has only the work of adding the instances that have a flying cycle, after that he has to adjust all settings of the node that the script creates. Since this script uses particles, the user can also add fields and any dynamic effect to the system.
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With this script you can control the rotation of as many objects as you want just using a grayscale ramp or any grayscale based texture. It's a great tool for an animator to make a lot of objects rotate synchronized without any pain.
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With this tool, the artist can connect any object that has a RGB channel to a ramp and control all this objects color using this ramp. It can also be connected and controlled by any texture. The main use of this tool was in a scene with a lot of lights and the lightning artist wanted to have an easier way to control all those lights at the same time, it has really helpful.
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This is a project that I've started, to help animators that don't want to write code, build they own control interface. With it, is possible to create an interface with buttons to select controls in the scene and automatic change between rotate, scale and translate in object or world space, and even more. It can has multiple tabs to control things like body, hands, head, etc.. This tool is not finished yet...
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This is a tool to create splashes with blobby particles.
With this tool, the user can simply apply a splash effect to any maya's particle system. It has a simple interface and with only a few settings he can get great effects!
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This script has been used to copy and randomize animation from one object to another in Maya. With very simple steps the user can fast and easy copy any animation and if he wants he can also randomize this animation.
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This tool had a really specific use. We had a job that need to have a guy juggling with a lot of fruits. So, to automate the process, I build this tool that creates a particle system with all the dynamics controlled by expressions, attributes and controls.
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This tool helps to change a lot of objects for another lot of objects at the same time. It has some attributes to give the user more control. This tool is very helpful for layout artists.
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I use a lot this tool when I need to export an animation to a lot of objects sequence and than use them as instances to create crowd effects. So, with it, you can convert any animation to a sequence of objects or even to an object with all blend shapes set.
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Here is the example of a work in progress script that generates a curve from a particle and at the same time it can auto attach any brush from Maya and animate it. The user can control some attributes to change size of the brush and some other settings. It looks simple but it can generate really interesting effects!
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With this tool, the user can create a effect of particles that connect to each other over time... It needs only a pre-built particle system and than it adds all necessary attributes, so the animator can control the appearance of this connections. It also can use any maya's brush to draw the line between the particles.
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